Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fun to hear from folks

I've gotten several emails this week from folks about Knit for Peace--thanks for responding. Since this is also a knitting blog, I might as well take a minute to talk about what's on the needles. I'm the queen of multiple projects--in my work life I have to focus on a project and get it done on deadline, so knitting is my place to free myself from deadlines and "shoulds". With that in mind (and still without a digital camera):

1. A 70th birthday cardigan in Rowan All-Season cotton--a real "gubbkofta", roughly translated as a "grampa cardigan"--soft, not too tight, v-neck, and machine washable. A handsome, flat stitch pattern:
Row 1 (rs) K4 *P1 from the back (giving you a twisted purl stitch), K4*
Row 2 - Purl all normally.
That's it--easy and handsome. The back side is pretty, and I might use it for a sweater for myself sometime.

2. A 50th birthday pullover in Cascade 220 (green) with a mosaic pattern band at the bottom in Gunga Din 3-ply (brown) and my classic for a men's pullover--cast on the body and the sleeves in the contrast color, and start knitting immediately after with the main color--just enough "dash" for most men that I know.

3. Gloves in a purple variegated yarn from Estonia that I bought at a crafts fair. My first try at actual finger gloves (as opposed to mittens) and it's not too painful since I'm using the magic loop method.

4. A shawl in Klippans Tuna Garn - the Truly Tasha shawl on the KnitNet website.

Those are the active UFO's--I don't dare open the baskets with everything else inside.

Friday, September 22, 2006

I've been updating

Updated the Squidoo lens, located at . There's links to other things there, as well as the Knit for Peace Manifesto, which is a short piece that I wrote last year when I got absolutely disgusted with world affairs and which is my manifesto for this project. Please, if you can translate the Knit for Peace Manifesto into another language for me, let me know--it would be great if it's in as many languages as possible. It would be great if you could post it in your language on your website and then I could link straight to you--I'd like to maintain a list of translations where you could just click on the language and then be right at the text of the translation.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome to the Knit for Peace blog. I'm just starting and don't have a digital camera yet but I want to chronicle this year's project so that folks can jump in at any time.
The to-do list:
Translate the manifesto into all possible languages.
Get in touch with media.
Get in touch with last year's participants to catch up.